Bradford actor Andrew-Lee Potts is currently dominating our Saturday night TV screens in the latest series of hit creature-feature show Primeval... but the actor himself is half-way across the world filming a new spin-off.

Wibsey-born Andrew plays Connor Temple in the show, which is in its fifth season on ITV. But he has been in Vancouver, Canada, filming a spin-off show which Primeval’s creators, Impossible Pictures, are producing for the North American market.

Primeval: New World is a 13-part series set in Vancouver and stars Niall Matter (who has previously acted in A Town Called Eureka) as adventurous inventor Evan Cross, and Sara Canning (Supernatural, the Vampire Diaries, Smallville) as predator expert Dylan Weir.

They set up their own version of Primeval’s monster-hunting squad to cope with fresh incursions of prehistoric monsters through “anomolies” which open doors to the distant past or even the far future.

Andrew’s character Connor is the link between the main series and the spin-off, and he has been in Vancouver filming his sequences with the stars of the new show.

Ironically, some of Andrew’s scenes were shot in an area of Vancouver called Gastown that was doubling up for London, with red double decker buses and pillar boxes and black cabs.

He was spotted during the filming by Vancouver blogger Susan Gittings, who snapped the pictures here for the website.

Susan reported: “I have to say Andrew-Lee Potts is one heck of a nice guy from what I’ve seen. Talks to everyone. Has a laugh with everyone from extras to co-stars to writers.”

The main Primeval series is already a hit in Canada, where it is shown on the Space channel. Corrie Coe, senior vice president of the Canadian producers Bell Media, said: “We know it will both capture the essence of the original UK series and bring a unique sensibility to the screen. Both existing fans of the Primeval brand and the Space audience alike are sure to be excited by the imminent crossover from the original series into the New World.”