A waste processing company which was allowed to double the number of lorries travelling in and out of its rendering plant in Bradford after a public inquiry has now applied to widen part of the access road to the site.

Omega Proteins is seeking permission from Bradford Council to make changes to the access road at Erlings Works, at the junction of Half Acre Road, near Thornton, in order for two heavy goods vehicles to pass each other.

The company was granted permission in August 2010 to revise access off Half Acre Road to avoid the need for lorries to swing out over the oncoming carriageway to turn into the site.

However, before the application was submitted, the access was widened to enable the delivery of a thermal oxidiser and the company is now seeking permission to retain these changes and carry out minor further works.

It believes the existing situation creates hazards with one HGV being forced to wait on the road while another leaves the site.

A planning statement submitted by Omega Proteins states: “The access as existing with the further works proposed will enable safe ingress and egress to and from the access road to Jerusalem Buildings and the factory at Erlings Works removing the identified hazards that the original junction arrangement created and removing the potential new highway hazards that would have resulted from the revised access for which planning permission has been granted.”

But protesters from SOS Resident Action Group say widening the site entrance will increase the hazards already present from passing HGVs to pedestrians and other road users at the site entrance and at Keelham School junction.

Bradford Council has decided to review enforcement action taken against Omega Proteins after a petition signed by more than 240 residents living near the site was submitted to the authority.

Bradford Council is also pursuing legal action against the company over alleged breaches of restrictions on vehicle movements at the site.