A proposed St George’s Parade suggested for tomorrow – more than two months after it should have been held – has been abandoned.

The original St George’s Day parade, involving around 1,500 children, aimed to promote peace and harmony. However, days before the march was scheduled to take place the plug was pulled because of “health and safety” issues.

Both Bradford Council and West Yorkshire Police were involved in discussions about the parade, but at the time of its cancellation both organisations said they had not cancelled it themselves, but the decision had been taken by “the community”.

The announcement was met with anger and disbelief, and in a bid to pour oil over troubled waters an alternate date of July 1 was proposed. Now this second choice has also been pulled.

Vicar of Girlington, Reverend Tony Tooby, said: “They told us they were going to hold it on July 1 instead, but they have cancelled that.

“I thought they would cancel it, they just held it out as an olive branch to try and shut us up. The reality is the support for the event had gone because the sponsors lost interest.”

Manningham councillor Qasim Khan, whose ward was most affected by the riots and through which the parade was scheduled to pass, said: “I think what has happened is that many of the local community didn’t want the parade to take place on July 1 because it didn’t make sense to have a St George’s Day parade on any other date. I think for that reason some people may have fallen by the wayside but the Council and police are to blame.

“They had six months to arrange the original parade and I don’t know how it became such a mess. My children were due to take part along with over 1,000 others, they were very upset as they had been preparing for it.”

Responding to the criticism, Bradford Council chief executive Tony Reeves said: “The Council has not cancelled any St George’s Day parades. The Council actively supports St George’s Day parades and offers support to parade organisers across the district.

“Last Spring, when the Council was approached by an individual police officer to support a St George’s Day parade and celebration in Lister Park which was being organised by local community groups and businesses, we saw this as a really positive event for Bradford.

“The Council was disappointed this particular parade was cancelled.

“The Council and police will continue to work with St George’s Day Parade organisers to make sure they are enjoyable and safe events.”

At the time of the original parade cancellation, a spokesman for West Yorkshire police said the event was “being dealt with by a group of community members and is not a police event”.

He said organisers had wanted a substantial parade but the smaller routes put forward by the police were rejected by the community groups involved.