A CORONER has paid tribute to a man who tragically hanged himself years after he was abused by an evil sex "monster" from Shipley.

Simon Holt, 44, bravely gave evidence in court against self-styled preacher Brian Jackson, helping to convict him of a 30-year campaign of rape, brutality and sexual assault against at least six victims.

Bulge-eyed Jackson, of Hall Lane, Windhill, whose convictions included the attempted rape and sexual assault of Mr Holt, was jailed for life in January 2012.

He died, aged 54, last month after suffering health problems.

Following Jackson's conviction, Mr Holt courageously told the Telegraph & Argus about his ordeal, in an attempt to encourage other male victims to report such crimes to police.

An inquest in Bradford heard that Mr Holt, of Sangster Way, East Bowling, was found hanged in Bowling Cemetery, close to his home, on August 22 last year.

A statement, read to the inquest, from his mother, Dorothy, said he had been sexually and physically assaulted in a "terrible incident" in 1993. The judge had branded his attacker "violent, depraved and dangerous."

Her son, a former postman and qualified electrician, had fallen into heroin addiction after the attack in Bradford, and he had been too traumatised to explain to her what had happened.

He had been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and moved away from the city, first to Keighley and then to Haworth, as he tried to recover from his ordeal.

Assistant Coroner Oliver Longstaff, recording a verdict that Mr Holt took his own life while intending to do so, said: "There is no doubt in my mind where the blame for that lies."

Mr Longstaff said that after Jackson's conviction, Mr Holt told the T&A: "Jackson took my honesty and trust that day. He took my soul. I didn't want to live any more."

The coroner said it was a testament to Mr Holt's courage that he had survived for so long after the abuse.

Mr Longstaff added: "His death should not be seen as a coward's way out. Simon Holt was no coward.

"The death of Simon Holt was a tragedy, and beyond doubt a tragedy connected to his horrific experiences at the hands of depraved Brian Jackson."

The coroner said it seemed right to pay a posthumous tribute to Mr Holt's courage in "helping to prosecute a vile human being".

Members of his family attended the inquest, including Mrs Holt, who sat with a framed photograph of her son in front of her. She is now campaigning for more detoxification beds for drug and alcohol addicts.

The inquest heard that in the week leading up to his death, Mr Holt had been taken by police to Lynfield Mount Hospital after he had gone to Bowling cemetery with a washing line. Beds were available, but he was not detained.

But Mr Longstaff said he was satisfied a bed was offered to him, but he had declined it. He said he did not find evidence of a missed opportunity which might have avoided the tragic outcome.

After the inquest, Mrs Holt appealed to people in Bradford to join her campaign for more detox beds by supporting her online petition justiceforsimonholt on Facebook.