A TERRORIST sympathiser in Bradford has been jailed for 18 months for posting links to an Islamic State (IS) magazine on his Facebook page.

Hassan Munir, 27, of Lynton Avenue, Heaton, posted a link to Dabiq 4, a propaganda magazine produced by the extremist terror group.

The Old Bailey heard that Munir had been repeatedly warned by Facebook and police officers after he posted jihadi material on his page - including material about beheadings.

Sentencing him today, Mr Justice Saunders said the magazine posed a serious danger because it incited people to take up arms for IS, which is also known as Isil and Isis.

He said: "On October 14, 2014 he posted on his Facebook page a link to a document called Dabiq 4.

"It is a document distributed by Isil's media arm. It is lengthy and is clearly a professionally-produced document.

"It encourages the reader to fight and kill for Isil, both in the Western countries who are against their activities, and they are encouraged to help fight with Isil in countries where Isil fight.

"It is the sort of document that could well influence susceptible people, including the young, to do what the document urges them to do."

Munir said he posted a link to the extremist document on his Facebook page "in case me loses it like", but the judge said he did not believe him.

He has between 400 and 600 friends on his Facebook page.

He previously posted details of how to make explosives and other material supporting IS.

He was warned by police, but ignored them.

Mr Justice Saunders said: "Mr Munir denies he is a supporter of Isil. His case is that he has sympathy with some of the extremist cause but he's against the acts of violence.

"In light of the material on his Facebook, I find that difficult to accept."

The judge said he was passing a jail term to make it clear a "deterrent" is important in such cases.

Munir pleaded guilty to disseminating a terrorist publication.