Freeview viewers in Bradford are warned they may experience disruption to their television service due to the new 4G mobile phone signals in the area.

Company At800 says some 4G services operate at 800 MHz – adjacent to the frequencies used by Freeview – which could mean some TVs and set-top boxes could fail to block the 4G signals.

This means some viewers could experience disruption to Freeview services, including a loss of sound, blocky images or loss of some or all channels.

At800 was set up, and is funded, by the leading UK mobile operators, to ensure viewers can still watch Freeview, or are offered a suitable alternative, as 4G at 800 MHz services go live. In most cases, the problem will be fixed with an At800 filter, which is available free of charge.

Anyone who experiences disruption to their Freeview services should call at800 on 0333 3131800.