A CLEAN Air Day cycling event that started in Lister Park highlighted the benefits of a proposed Manningham Lane Green Route scheme.

The event, which was organised by Clean Air Bradford and Capital Cycling, saw the participants begin in Lister Park before setting off into Bradford along Manningham Lane, which is the route which would be part of the cycling friendly scheme.

Although the scheme is welcomed by most groups, some are urging caution saying it is part of larger scheme which would include widening Canal Road.

Will Sanderson, co-chair of Shipley and Saltaire Living Streets, said: "We're interested in increasing active travel and are obviously supportive of any scheme that does this.

"There are positive aspects of this proposal but it is part of a larger scheme which would see the widening of Canal Road, which could be detrimental to the people of Shipley and Saltaire because it would stop at Northcliffe Park.

Mr Sanderson, who also took part in the Clean Air Day cycling event, said Shipley and Saltaire Living Streets would like the scheme extended to Gordon Terrace, Saltaire, to avoid "bottleneck of traffic".

He said: "If it stops at Northcliffe Park, it will still make it difficult to walk and cycle in Shipley and Saltaire."

Speaking about the cycling event, Mr Sanderson added: "Cycling is a great way to keep active and it's better for environment as well."

Ludi Simpson, secretary of the Bradford and Shipley Travel Alliance who also took part in the event, said: "Clean air is important. We need to find ways to make traffic less polluting or we'll all suffer if global warming isn't averted.

"The Manningham Lane improvements are a secondary part of the road scheme, which has an aim to increase traffic capacity between Bradford and Shipley.

"Instead, it would help the health of residents, and the survival of all of us, if the road scheme’s main aim was reframed to shift from polluting traffic to less car traffic and more trips by cycle, walk and public transport.

"That would of course also relieve congestion and improve journey times."