FOOTBALL fans in Bradford are being urged to be sensible today as they enjoy England’s opening match of Euro 2020.

Bradford Council has urged people to plan ahead and not to drink and drive today, while West Yorkshire Police has issued a reminder about the link between football and domestic abuse.

England face Croatia at 2pm in their opening match of Euro 2020 at Wembley Stadium, and Bradford’s pubs are set to be packed with Three Lions fans to enjoy the game, with many other people enjoying the matches at home or with friends and family.

Bradford Council is urging people not to drink and drive if they are going to have an alcoholic drink while watching the match.

It said: “Planning to watch England's first match today? Leave the car, get a mate to be the designated driver or get a taxi home - just don't be tempted to drink and drive - Come on England!”

The council has also reminded people to take care in today’s sunshine and hot temperatures by wearing suncream, seeking shade, wearing a hat and taking on plenty of water.

Meanwhile, West Yorkshire Police has issued a reminder of the sad reality that domestic abuse can increase when football and alcohol mix.

It added: “Watching England v Croatia with a few drinks today? A mix of football and alcohol can lead to violence – think about the safety of yourself and those around you.”     

With temperatures set to hit 25 degrees this afternoon, many people may be firing up the barbecue as part of a watching party, and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has urged people to “celebrate safely” during today’s England match.