A FAMILY’S dream to be reunited with their seriously-ill boy for Christmas is a step closer thanks to some fire walking fundraisers.

Two-year-old Tyler Brown is currently in America with his dad, Shaun, for proton therapy treatment which doctors hope will save him from a rare form of cancer.

The youngster was diagnosed in April with Ewing's Sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer affecting his spine at the point it joins to his head.

Tyler, of Wrose, will not be back in the UK in time for Christmas, meaning he will be away from mum Niki and sisters Olivia, Ellie and Skylar over the festive season.

Nut now, thanks to the Shipley-based Little Heroes Cancer Trust charity, the family is dreaming of a reunion in the USA in December.

The charity raised £2,900 towards sending Niki and the girls to America by hosting a fire walk at the George pub in Idle.

It was arranged by the charity’s national eventing company Unite and Ignite.

Lee Naylor, a specialist event co-ordinator at Unite and Ignite, said: “When we heard that he would be away from his family, including his mum and three sisters, over Christmas, we decided we really wanted to help.

“As we are a small charity, our fundraising company Unite and Ignite stages events, including charity fire walking, that are geared towards helping families like the Browns.

“Chris Landwade, the pub landlord from the George in Idle, kindly offered his premises as a venue and Elaine Mothersdale, Tyler’s grandma, took care of organising 14 brave volunteers to agree to walk across the fire.

“We usually charge a fee to hold the event for other charities but Colin Nesbitt, the founder of Little Heroes Cancer Trust, agreed that every penny counted and we provided the event totally free of charge.”


Mrs Naylor said that donations were still coming in to top up the £2,900 raised so far.

Another fundraising event will be held at Yeadon Liberal Club on November 15 from 7pm. There will be live music, auction, karaoke, games and a raffle. Tickets are £3.

Tyler was able to go to America for the proton therapy treatment after a panel of NHS experts approved the £100,000 cost after studying details of his condition. He is expected to need nine or ten chemotherapy sessions afterwards.

People can visit www.gofundme.com/eoo98s to donate.