DISTRICT health chiefs have issued advice to help Muslims with diabetes to fast safely during Ramadan.

Bradford District and Craven Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) says most people with diabetes can observe the fast whilst controlling their condition throughout Ramadan.

But it warns that people need to take care of themselves and know the signs to look out for if their health does begin to suffer.

And anyone with a complication associated with diabetes, such as heart disease, is advised to speak to their GP or practice nurse.

Tips to help people manage their diabetes whilst fasting include eating more-slowly-absorbed food such as basmati rice, dhal and fruit and vegetables in your meal before you begin your fast; trying to eat just before sunrise, and drinking plenty of sugar-free and decaffeinated fluids at the end of your fast to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Dr Waqas Tahir, a GP and diabetes lead for Bradford District and Craven CCG, said: “Making yourself aware of the steps you can take to help manage diabetes during the holy month can prevent potential complications.

“Islam forbids us from fasting if it will harm our body and this could include people with more severe diabetes.”

For more information and advice, visit diabetes.org.uk/guide-to-diabetes/managing-your-diabetes/ramadan.