AIREDALE Opticians is taking part in a major new study into a condition known as dry macular degeneration.

The aim of the USA-led genetic screening study – called Telescope – is to advance research into the condition, which affects the middle part of people's vision.

Both Airedale Opticians' Keighley and Cross Hills branches are participating.

"There are currently no treatments for dry macular degeneration," says Mohammed Hafejee, of Airedale Opticians.

"We are looking for patients with the condition who may have rare variations in specific genes.

"Patients who have not had treatment for any other condition affecting the macula can take part.

"A saliva sample is taken and checked for rare genetic variations. If a variation is found, the patient may then be invited to participate in a separate interventional gene therapy study which is looking at new treatments that could help improve vision.

"We were approached to participate in the study due to the experience and equipment we possess. We are the only opticians in Yorkshire taking part and are delighted to be supporting the initiative."