A SINGER-songwriter has penned his own tribute to Keighley-born fundraising hero Captain Sir Tom Moore.

David Rich has released Tomorrow is a Good Day as a salute to the late war veteran, who raised a staggering £32 million-plus for NHS charities by walking laps of his garden to mark his 100th birthday last year.

Captain Sir Tom died earlier this month.

The record will help raise funds for the Captain Tom Foundation.

"I write a lot of songs but none has been more special than Tomorrow is a Good Day," says David.

"I went to bed one evening and woke at 3am with the lyrics and song in my head – when this happens, I have to write straight away. So I got up, went to my piano and put together the lyrics and melody. I then recorded, mixed and put it out to distribution in less than a week – normally I take months to reach the final song.

"When you get a character like Captain Sir Tom, who made everyone smile with his whole positive outlook on life and determination to achieve, you cannot help feel anything other than inspired. He also proved that age is not a barrier and you are never too old to follow your dreams and goals in life. I saw people of all ages and abilities inspired by Captain Sir Tom helping others, doing exceptional things.

"I just felt I wanted to do something really heartfelt as my own tribute. The aim was to have an uplifting and celebratory feel to the song. I hope I’ve achieved this. I've received many messages of support and it means such a lot, especially when NHS workers say how much the song has moved them in a way that makes them feel good, with nice memories and thoughts about Captain Sir Tom."