REGIONAL transport bosses have hit out at a cut in funding for maintaining roads.

West Yorkshire Combined Authority says Government transport maintenance support for the region is being reduced from the current £46.7 million to £36.5m in the coming year.

Councillor Kim Groves, chairman of the combined authority’s transport committee, said: “We are disappointed that maintenance funding has been cut by the Government.

“Here in West Yorkshire our combined allocation will fall 22 per cent, in a year which has seen unprecedented demand on local council budgets due to the pandemic. This will place further pressure on councils and their ability to maintain roads, ultimately affecting all road users.

“We have real concerns what this cut could mean for our communities.

“Local authorities rely on this funding to carry out vitally important road repairs and maintain the condition of highway networks, which affect all users, including pedestrians.

“Our councils are under a lot of pressure to tackle a backlog of road repairs, made worse by recent bad weather.

“The reduction will also impact on the maintenance of pavements, street lighting, bridges and drainage – these are all things that affect people’s day-to-day lives.

“We implore the Government to consider our concerns ahead of the Budget.”