I READ with interest your recent feature on Jack Hepworth and the Cain Mutiny Court Martial. I gave one of my rare performances in the play – I was the court stenographer, with my back to the audience all the time, and was the prompt for the play.

Both my wife, Carole, and I have many happy memories of our time at Keighley Little Theatre. In fact the local press announced our wedding over 55 years ago with the headline 'Actor Weds'. Carole appeared in many more productions than me, most of my time was spent backstage.

You also mentioned the performance of A Taste of Honey. For the first time, 'sold out' signs were outside the theatre. Derek Cranshaw, an English teacher at Keighley Boys' Grammar School, appeared as Jeffery, Anne Irving was the female lead and Kay Scatchard appeared as her mother. Peter Blakeny was the producer.

Also I would like to thank you for bringing back many memories of our friends, who were members of the theatre but are no longer with us.



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