PEOPLE are being encouraged to leave their car at home as part of plans to make Keighley a ‘greener’ town.

The town council has issued the plea in support of a package of measures, being implemented following its declaration of a climate emergency last year.

Other aims include “significantly” increasing tree planting and the creation of more wildlife habitats and conservation areas.

Several improvements have already been carried out to the civic centre, in North Street.

New energy-efficient heating and lighting systems have been installed, recycling bins provided at key points in the building and ‘bio hand driers’ fitted in the toilet areas.

The town council has also introduced a paper-free policy for its committee meetings and wherever possible is committed to using recycled materials for project and publicity documents.

Organisations wishing to work with the council or receive its support are now required to include climate change considerations within their activities or proposals, and the details will feature in future contractual arrangements.

Reports to committees or the full council will also include details of any direct or indirect climate change implications.

A spokesman for Keighley Town Council said it was serious about the issue of addressing climate change, but that everyone had a part to play.

“As a civic authority our primary role is to promote active citizenship and community pride,” he added.

“We believe that reducing global warming is everyone’s responsibility and that the best way to help local people make a difference is to set examples of good practice and support activities which involve people in taking direct action to reduce their own carbon footprints.

“We have been committed to the creation of a cleaner, greener world since declaring a climate change emergency. We want everyone to get involved and to make some small changes that will collectively make a big difference.

“The two council is currently working directly with local people and a range of partners to implement a number of projects in the community. Our aim is to significantly increase the number of trees planted within the Keighley Town Council area and create more wildlife habitats and conservation areas. We want to encourage people to leave the car at home and explore the local environment, create more community-managed urban green spaces and increase the number of allotments available for community use.

“As we work towards obtaining sustainable renewable energy certification, we have put in place a range of measures to address climate change.”

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