WORTH Valley Vegans are backing a national campaign highlighting the risks from coronavirus to those with underlying health conditions – and how a healthy vegan diet can help combat the threat.

Campaigners say a vegan diet can help people to lose weight, reverse type 2 diabetes and protect heart health, reducing the risk of severe Covid-19.

Support is also being given to an open letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson from the vegan campaigning charity, Viva.

It is urging the Government to encourage plant-based food initiatives to eradicate reliance on “unsustainable” animal agriculture.

A spokesman said: “Covid-19 is just one of many zoonotic diseases including SARS, MERS, Ebola and HIV – all of which came from animals – and new viruses are appearing with increasing frequency.

“It is a stark warning of what’s to come if we don’t act now.”

In the letter, the charity claims animals across the globe are kept in settings which provide a fertile environment for the transmission of viruses.