VOLUNTEER custodians of a Harden beauty spot have hit out after damage was caused to public toilets at the popular site.

The toilets at the St Ives estate had to be closed after the incident.

Pam Laking, chairman of the Friends of St Ives, said: “Whoever did it doesn’t care.

“They rammed clothing and other objects down the loo, blocking it up.”

Bradford Council dispatched a repair crew and the toilets have since reopened.

But Mrs Laking says damage and mistreatment of the toilets is an ongoing concern.

She said people smeared faeces on the walls and washed their dogs in the toilet.

“We’re so lucky we have a toilet,” she said. “Although we had to close the men’s and women’s loos due to social distancing rules, we’ve kept open the disabled toilets.

“School groups and people with learning disabilities like to come here, but these groups of people need a toilet. Otherwise they can’t come to St Ives.

“I’d like to thank Bradford Council for diverting its attention from other matters to repair the toilets.”