THESE postcards show the changing face of North Street in Keighley, close to its junction with High Street, over the years.

The view, of course, is looking towards Skipton Road.

The first image dates from 1890.

At that time the spot was referred to as Sneeds Corner, due to the chemists seen on the left of the picture.

The second postcard is from 1921.

Sneeds is still there – and indeed it remained at the location for many years.

The third shot is much more modern, although a cobbled section of road is still evident.

It was taken during the 1960s.

Whilst even from the earliest image many people would recognise North Street, one landmark familiar on later shots of the town but now missing is the Mechanics’ Institute.

The impressive building – opened in 1870 – was gutted in a devastating fire on March 4, 1962.

All these images were supplied by Kevin Seaton, of Riddlesden.