A SPECIAL song created during lockdown with 300 people across Yorkshire can now be seen online.

Our Song was the brainchild of singing company Shared Harmonies which has run several projects in Keighley and Haworth over the past few years.

Shared Harmonies wanted to combat the sense of loneliness or ‘isolation blues’ that many people felt during lockdown due to having fewer social interaction than they would normally.

Our Song allowed people to help build and compose a song about the meaning of connection, taking part in daily challenges to share what connection meant to them via email or social media in the form of words and images.

These words or images helped frame the song and lyrics, and once the the final song was created, members of the public took part in a Zoom

recording of Our Song in a big community sing-along. 

Visit youtu.be/LeGb2T6RaZo to hear the song, whose 300-class participants aged between three and 92 include people from Spain and Switzerland.

Shared Harmonies was established in October 2013 as a Community Interest Company (CIC), a social enterprise where the profits are reinvested back into the local community.

The company aims to improve confidence, communication and wellbeing through inspirational singing, offering a range of services from community singing groups and workshops to organisation team building sessions and workplace choirs.

Shared Harmonies was founded by Keighley woman Emma Baylin.