A CAMPAIGN is being launched to spotlight the work of the region’s pharmacies and measures in place to keep people safe during the pandemic.

The initiative is being spearheaded by Community Pharmacy West Yorkshire, a body representing more than 500 community pharmacies across the region – including Bradford district.

Chief executive officer, Ruth Buchan, says most pharmacies are operating at pre-lockdown levels and offering many of their usual services.

“Community pharmacies and their teams are on the frontline of the response to the Covid-19 pandemic across West Yorkshire and are working incredibly hard to maintain the high standards of care that our patients are used to under very challenging circumstances,” she said.

“As West Yorkshire moves further towards something that the population might recognise as ‘normal’, we would like to reassure the people who live across the region that community pharmacies and those who work in them – who have proven themselves as resilient key workers over recent months – continue to provide outstanding care in difficult circumstances.

“The vast majority of pharmacies are operating very close to pre-lockdown, with normal opening hours and ‘re-commencement’ of many services.

“With challenges in accessing healthcare in many instances, pharmacies are open to support patients with minor ailments alongside the usual medicine supply and advice that people appreciate.

“We are also preparing to deliver a high number of flu vaccinations as we proceed into autumn and it is important that we all respond to the coming flu season as effectively as possible.”

The ‘Stay safe in your pharmacy’ campaign will raise awareness of the steps taken to protect the public and the services available.

“We have not stopped supplying and selling medicines and now the majority of pharmacies in West Yorkshire are offering their usual wide range of other services,” said a spokesman. “If you need to be sure, check with your usual pharmacy. You can also come to us for help with minor ailments and long-term conditions.

“With social distancing you may notice some changes and it might feel strange, but the measures are there to keep you safe.”