AN MP has been slammed for claiming a pair of Keighley high-rise flats have been neglected despite litter, anti-social behaviour and drug crime.

Police, a politician and the blocks’ landlord this week hit back at Keighley MP Robbie Moore’s allegations that Parkwood Rise had been “forgotten and left behind for too long”.

They said they regularly attended multi-agency meetings about the neighbourhood along with youth workers, Bradford Council officers and social landlord Incommunities.

The row broke out after Mr Moore posted on social media that he had met with residents to listen to their concerns, and was determined to “do something about it”.

The claims concern the tower blocks Delph House and Leylands House, known as Bentley Court and Parkwood Court since refurbishment by a new owner in 2017, and the nearby low-rise Gas Flats.

Mr Moore this week said: “The area has become a hot spot for drug dealing with residents telling me the residential area is a no-go zone on Friday and Saturday evenings. It was common to find needles in the grassed area.

“Residents say there is a constant stream of anti-social behaviour, criminal damage, drug dealing and drug taking. Residents feel forgotten about and let down. I am on their side to help restore pride.”

Keighley East ward councillor Malcolm Slater and Neighbourhood Policing Team said in recent weeks there had been at least two meetings to discuss issues in the area.

Cllr Slater said there had been just one isolated public order offence in the weeks before Mr Moore’s visit, with an arrest made. Police and landlord had contacted residents to say concerns would be addressed.

He added: “Mr Moore would have known all of this had he spoken to any of us before taking to social media to unfairly represent the area in a negative light and falsely claiming the area was ‘forgotten’.”

Inspector Beecroft said that in the past couple of weeks his officers had made “drug disposals” from the area, and had made arrests in connection with related incidents.

He added: “There is a lot of proactive work currently being undertaken in Parkwood, Bentley Court and Gas Flats locality to tackle various issues including anti-social behaviour and drugs offences.”

Lane Giani, operations manager with Lamont Estates, landlord of Bentley and Parkwood Courts, said the person arrested recently was not a tenant of either block.

“We recently sent out letters reiterating our ground rules and expectations and condemning any form of littering. We are committed to our tenants and have always taken their concerns seriously.”

“We are happy to co-operate and collaborate with all parties involved and continue to make this a safe and better place to live.”

Anyone with information about any incidents that Parkwood Rise should call police via 101, anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, or to the anti-social behaviour reporting line on 01274 254404.