A 24-year-old man from Keighley has been jailed for three-and-a-half years for drug dealing.

Hamza Ali, of Skipton Road, was caught in the act of street dealing on June 8 in Keighley.

Bradford Crown Court heard how he was spotted acting suspiciously and as police attempted to apprehend him, he dropped a tub containing 188 wraps of Class A drugs – heroin and crack cocaine.

He was recalled to prison to serve the remainder of a sentence for previous drug dealing for which he was on licence at the time.

Peter Hampton, for Ali, said he had been "lost to drugs" again since his release from prison, but that he had been a decent young man prior to 2016 who had "trodden the wrong path".

He outlined how the defendant's family had planned that Ali would relocate to London after his earlier release from prison, but the terms of his licence had made it difficult, and the plan had been put on hold.

He added: "He's slipped back into drug use and has been coerced by others to do the more dangerous part for them.

"If he involves himself in drugs again, it would be a seven-year minimum sentence, and if that does not dissuade him from being involved in this trade again, nothing will."

In sentencing, Judge Jonathan Gibson added that Ali had already served a significant sentence for similar offences, and it was perhaps naivety that had brought him to this position again.

Nevertheless, he added: "You have reoffended within a year of having been released from your last sentence."