REPORTS of a Covid-19 outbreak in Keighley are incorrect, Bradford's Director of Public Health has said.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock appeared on BBC Breakfast this morning to discuss the localised lockdown in Leicester after a spike in cases.

Discussing the measures taken in the city, he told BBC News: "These much more targeted measures have worked in other outbreaks, so we’ve had an outbreak in Keighley, which we dealt with by shutting a factory there, we've had an outbreak in Weston-super-Mare that we've dealt with by shutting a hospital there to new admissions.

"We've shut GP surgeries in Enfield, so we've been taking this highly-localised approach."

But Bradford Council tweeted: "Just to calm everyone down a bit…

There's no new COVID-19 spike in Keighley. @MattHancock confused Keighley with a different area on TV and radio this morning.

Please keep maintaining social distance & washing hands so we don’t need to announce a local outbreak in the future."