A WEST Yorkshire author has spoken of the importance of children learning to love reading.

Sue Johnson recently released her second book for children, Eek Went the Squeak, which featured the hero of her first book, Mr Jangles.

The Adventures of Vinny The Vet and Mr Jangles and its sequel are described as fun, lovable stories that encourage family interaction.

Sue said: “If a child can enjoy reading this helps them become achievers, builds self confidence, a foundation to life and learning.

“‘I have cut-out characters in the back of all my books for the children to make stick puppets, as this incorporates the old-fashioned puppet shows in modern-day books.

“This really brings the book to life, which I believe is great fun, especially for children who see reading as boring.”

Mr Jangles is purely based on Sue’s cat; a cheeky, loving soul who gets up to nothing but mischief and as you’d expect, he is a fan favourite with the kids.

In fact the whole of Sue’s first book was spurred from an actual event of Mr Jangles going missing after he unlocked his own cage on the way to the vets!

After being found, cold, hungry and very dirty, Sue began the elaborate tales of Vinny the Vet and Mr Jangles.

With the use of this series, Sue would love to achieve making her creations household names with the children who enjoy reading her stories over and over again.

There is the added value of the puppets, giving an interactive and fun way of delivering her stories to her readers.

She said this method of learning have been proven by experts to help children absorb the information in the books – known as “playful learning”.

The umbrella term is used include free play as well as more structured, guided play contexts.

Playful learning can take many forms, including role play, and with Sue’s books. It gives parents a chance to really get involved with their child’s reading.

As many authors across the county, Sue Johnson took part in this years World Book Day, which celebrated its 25th year on March 5.

She said: “I love storytelling. I put on funny voices and facial expressions, helping deliver a valuable fun and interactive story-time.

“I love trying my best to help children enjoy reading – I am interested and empathetic to the needs of children as they negotiate the many milestones in their lives.

“When I worked in schools I would help out where I could when it came just to reading and literature.

“World Book Day is a fantastic day to bring characters and books alive – I am sure the real Mr Jangles would have loved to visit all the children too if he were allowed.”

Sue said she had thought about writing an adult fiction book but had not yet found an idea or storyline suitable.

She added: “One day - never say never. For now I am enjoying this journey with Mr Jangles.”

The Adventures of Vinny The Vet and Mr Jangles tells how Miss Mitzi brings her parrot Proteous Porter to see Vinny with a sore wing, Mr Jangles thinks it’s a good time to play chase.