A DENHOLME man celebrating his 100th birthday alone in his home will receive a pile of extra birthday cards from well-wishers.

D-Day soldier Ben Cooper today hits his century today but has been socially isolating for several weeks due to the coronavirus lockdown.

His nephew's stepdaughter Emma Chapman launched a campaign through Facebook a fortnight ago to ask local people to send birthday cards.

She sprayed the cards she received with anti-bacterial solution and left them for five days, so she could safely pass them on to 'Uncle Ben' without risk.

Emma, who runs Belle Beauty and Aesthetics in Oakworth Road, Keighley, said: "Ben will be turning 100 and unfortunately won't get the celebration he deserves. I wanted my Facebook post to go viral and get as many cards as possible for him. He fought for all of us!"

Ben, who was born in Denholme and lived there until he was 20, fought in Normandy in 1944 as a member of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps.

Ben joined the army in 1940 and met his future wife Dorothy while she was working at an army depot. They married in 1943, the year before Ben took part in the invasion of German-occupied France.

The couple first lived with to posses parents in London, before renting their own house in Chiswick in the early 1950s.

Ben began his lifelong career in the construction industry, particularly involved with cement, with the couple settling in Southampton. They had a son.

Ben was involved in building 22 storey flats in West Bromwich, and the rebuilding of family accommodation at the Aldershot army base in 1964. Dorothy spent many years working for the railways.

Ben retired in the 1980s, moving with Dorothy first to Bedale in North Yorkshire, as well as various other parts of the country. After passed away eight years ago, then moved back to Denholme to be closer to his roots.

After Emma posted her Facebook request, several people got in touch to say they would make cards.

Linzi Gaskell said her son would make a card for Ben, while Pitsa Pete in Malta said he would post drop a card in the post.

Anthia Wyn Orchard, who owns a party shop in Halifax but lives in Denholme, offered to provide anything Emma needed for Ben without charge.