I AM not at all surprised that there is widespread anger at the state of the Thwaites Brow Road stone setts – Setts anger as repairs to road are criticised (Keighley News, March 12).

I have only been here since 1978, but in that time road maintenance has been too little too late and included one act of gross vandalism ­– a large area of setts was grubbed up and replaced by asphalt infill of the sort commonly used as a base layer but, this being Keighley, it never got the finish layer that would have have brought the surface up to the level of the gutter. Since then, the patches of asphalt have multiplied, with some of the work being done extremely badly.

Last spring, lamppost number 26 was removed and never replaced and currently we have a stream running down and over the road and – from time to time – icing over.

But this is Keighley, so a lack of concern by Bradford Council is only to be expected.


Thwaites Brow Road


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