TRUE Strays will be in the Yorkshire Dales next month playing “sounds for an America that didn’t quite exist”.

The band can be seen at Victoria Hall, Settle, on April 10 as part of their Beyond The Horizon tour promoting latest single Campesina.

The track –’ Country Girl’ in Spanish – was recorded on analogue tape and is a joyous declaration of love between two people from different worlds.

The band members met in a sandpit when they were in playgroup, and use their personal experiences to fuel music with greater urgency and honesty than in their previous bands.

A spokesman said: “They are influenced by the blues of Willie Dixon, the calls for justice of Bob Dylan and Neil Young, the dirt of QOTSA and the sonic brilliance of Alabama Shakes.

“Not just brainless rockers,the music is concerned with zero hour contracts, the destruction of the National Health Service, climate chaos and the mental health epidemic.”