PUPILS at Haworth Primary School are better equipped for this year’s sports activities thanks to the village's Freemasons.

The Haworth-based Brunswick Chapter of the Royal Arch Freemasons gave the school a £1,000 grant for new sports equipment.

The group had successfully applied for the money the Freemasons' own charity pot, the Province of Yorkshire West Riding Grand Master’s Fund.

Members of the Brunswick Chapter, the current First Principal John Leadbeater and Chapter member John Barnes, this month visited the school to hand over the cheque.

Mr Leadbeater said: “We’re delighted to be able to help our village’s school. Anything that assists with the health and well-being of the children is something that we are anxious to support.”

School head Paula Howe said her pupils were delighted with the generous donation.

She added: "Our old kits are very tired and only one size – quite big! - and the bigger kits made our recent cross country event very difficult for some of our smaller children. To have ones that fit should make our participation in this and other events easier.”