SINCE becoming a councillor, I have always taken deep pride in the community spirit which resides in my Oakworth ward.

It has been a beacon of hope and an energy source for many people who operate in Oakworth and something which is in unique quantities in the village.

Over the last few months, I have severely struggled with mental health concerns.

I am only now in any real phase of recovery and know that, unfortunately, there are probably months still left to go before I am back to any degree of normality.

In this time, however, I have had the great benefit of many good and loyal friends and colleagues who have kept me away from the jaws of death and enabled me to make some, albeit minor, progress.

On Sunday, January 5, I made my first steps to a deeper sense of progress and – with support from the aforementioned people – was able to attend the Tewitt Lane memorial service near Oldfield in my ward.

While there I was blessed by kind, caring residents, who understood my problems and lent a shoulder to cry on and an ear that I could whisper into.

They were delighted to see me there and made it known that they will be there regardless of how long my recovery takes.

Their warmth and care, mixed with their fierce commitment to the community that they live in, did me the world of good. And, above all, it made me – once again – deeply proud and honoured to serve them to the best of my abilities.

I may still have months until I am free of the chains of depression, but I know that helping me every step of the way are good friends and colleagues and – most importantly – the incredible, passionate, constituents that I serve.


Oakworth Ward, Keighley Town Council

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