THE BEEFING-UP of a 20mph zone in Steeton has been praised by a campaigning resident.

Sarah Russell was delighted to see a host of new signs and markings warning drivers about the low speed limit in and around Mill Lane.

Sarah, who lives on the lane, had recently written to Bradford Council asking for action to stop motorists speeding through the narrow network of streets.

Many drivers were ignoring the four existing signs and road markings, at the entrances to the zone on Barrows Lane, Hollins Bank Lane, and the Chapel Road and Mill Lane junctions with Skipton Road.

Council contractors recently painted several 20mph markings on roads within the zone and 20mph repeater signs on lampposts every few yards, including along Mill Lane and High Street.

Sarah this week said she was pleased that action had been taken before a serious incident occurred.

She said that in recent months a vehicle had crashed into her neighbour’s stationery car and another neighbour’s cat had been injured by a passing vehicle.

She said: “I wrote to Bradford Met about the ridiculous speed that cars would race down in the Mill Lane area and asked for a speed reduction or speed bumps, or both.

“I was amazed, and thrilled, to see that 11 signs have gone up around the area to advise of the reduced speed limit.

“On speaking to the workers putting them up, they asked me how I had done it, and they commented on the number of speed reductions wanted in the Bradford Met area.”

People living on and around High Street, which rises steeply to Hollins Bank Lane, recently highlighted the problems of drivers speeding in winter conditions.

They said drivers sped down into Steeton despite the 20mph limit, skidding on ice and being forced to crash into either parked cars or walls to avoid careering down the hill.

A group of residents led by John Parker attended Steeton-with-Eastburn Parish Council here they spoke to district councillors Rebecca Whitaker and Owen Goodall about their concerns.

The villagers feared the problem would become worse this winter because Hollins Bank Lane – which runs along the hillside from Utley – is being used as a rat-run by drivers wishing to avoid roadworks at Hard Ings Road in Keighley.

Speaking to the Bradford Council officer responsible for gritting, Cllr Whitaker stressed the road was on a school route and possibly emergency route to Airedale Hospital.

Following a site visit, the council officer reinstated High Street on the Priority 1 route for winter gritting.

Cllr Whitaker asked residents to park considerately so the gritter could get through.