PEOPLE across the Keighley district are being urged to share their organ donation wishes with family this festive season.

The plea has been issued after it was revealed that 239 people in West Yorkshire are facing Christmas on the waiting list for an organ transplant.

Nationally, the figure exceeds 6,000 – of whom more than 180 are children.

Anthony Clarkson, for NHS Blood and Transplant, said: “Christmas is an incredibly busy time of year, however away from the rush and bustle of preparing for the holiday it should also be a time for family and thinking of others.

“We are urging everyone to take a moment to think about the people who will spend their Christmas hoping for just one thing – a life-saving organ transplant.

“Please let your family know what your organ donation decision is so that we can save more lives. Every precious organ donor allows more families to spend special times together.

“A quick chat can save lives and we know that even at a time of grief, families take enormous comfort and pride from their loved one’s donation.”

From next spring, a change in law means that all adults in England will be considered as having agreed to donate their organs when they die unless they have opted out.

But families will still be involved so need to know the person’s wishes.

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