A STEEP street in Steeton has been put back on the winter gritting route following pressure from villagers and politicians.

Bradford Council reinstated High Street on the Priority 1 route after an officer made a site visit at the request of ward councillor Rebecca Whitaker.

Residents of surrounding streets had told how in icy conditions drivers lost control while speeding down into the village from Hollins Bank Lane. Some vehicles have crashed into parked cars on High Street or hit walls.

The officer who made the site visit told Cllr Whitaker that the Priority 1 route would include High Street, Hollins Bank Lane and Hollins Lane, which connects Steeton with Utley along the hillside.

He added”Even during the day parked cars were making access difficult, even for a car never mind a gritter. Residents need to be reminded that parked cars on High Street could mean the gritter turning back.”

Cllr Whitaker this week said she hoped the reinstatement of High Street on the gritting route would make life easier for residents, and made a “polite request” that they park considerately so the gritter could get through.

Householder John Parker, one of the campaigners, praised the “overdue” decision by the council, adding: “It will considerably improve the safety of local residents in the winter months.”