PLANNED tree-planting schemes across the Keighley area will be outlined at a meeting on Thursday.

Members of Keighley Area Committee will hear about several projects proposed as part of a venture to plant 20,000 trees in Bradford district over the next year.

And Bradford Council is asking any landowners who want to take part in the initiative to come forward.

Locations earmarked for possible tree planting in the coming months include Marley Community Orchard, which will also feature planting space for schools; Highfield Recreation Ground; Whinswood Recreation Ground between Keighley and Cross Roads, and Park Wood. Planting will also take place in hard-to-mow areas of Silsden Park.

The areas total around two hectares.

Bradford Council has also created a list of 37 more sites across the Keighley constituency that could be used for planting, covering an additional gross area of 876ha. These include about 71ha at Penistone Country Park, 1.8ha at Steeton and 1.5ha at Damems allotments.