A KEIGHLEY woman losing her eyesight was treated to a pamper day after applying to become a model for a local fashion designer.

Jess Narey was unsure whether Fate & Fings boss Laura Kelly would accept her as a model for ‘fast fashion’ and bespoke handbags.

But after online entrepreneur Laura learned about Jess’s deteriorating medical condition she went one better and organised a full makeover and photoshoot.

Keighley companies flocked to offer their services for free after Laura put out an appeal on Facebook.

Both women want townspeople to recognise young mother Jess in the street and offer her help with getting around or simply approach her for a chat.

Lifelong Keighley woman Jess, 23, who lives in Ingrow, has macular retro dystrophy, a condition which is likely to eventually lead to total loss of eyesight.

Jess has always had problems with her eyes, but about a year ago started suffering headaches and her eyesight became dramatically worse.

Jess, who has three-year-son called Jackson, said: “It’s draining, but we’re trying to look at the situation in the best way, trying to practice routines find eyesight.

“My partner Corey, has been absolutely amazing, so supportive of me and Jackson, and my mum Sue has been a lifeline all my life.”

Jess said the pamper day came as a total shock, adding: “It was amazing – it was a day that I needed to be just me, not ‘me with an eye condition’.

“Normally when I go out I get judgy looks but this was a day of people being nice and respectful to me. I want to educate people on sight loss and eye conditions, and about disabilities that aren’t visible.”

Laura said she organised the pamper day as a surprise for Jess with help from Jess’s mother, turning up on her doorstep without warning to whisk her away.

Jess was taken first for a haircut at the Siada salon in Keighley, then received nail and make-up treatment by Bethany Savage at Buffed Beauty and Alex Upton at Coden before a photoshoot at the Crossroads Studio by Nicola Chippendale .

Finally, the Airedale Heifer in Sandbeds treated Jess, her son Jackson and partner Corey to a slap-up meal.

Laura said: “Jess was transformed. She was in a different world – a little model, absolutely stunning. She had great fun.

“I did it so that people could see Jess in town and support her. If we can make people feel they can go across to help Jess, it will give her confidence to go out.”

Laura will now compile an album of photographs from the shoot.