ROYAL Mail has unveiled three ‘parcel post boxes’ in the Keighley area.

The special, securely-designed boxes enable businesses to post pre-paid parcels.

Across Yorkshire, 128 of the boxes have been installed – 18 are in Bradford district.

Their introduction follows a successful trial last year.

Mark Street, head of campaigns at Royal Mail, said: “The launch of the first parcel post boxes in Yorkshire means that customers can now send parcels with pre-paid postage and their returns in the same way that they do letters.

“The new boxes provide added flexibility to online sellers, who might be running a business in their spare time and not keeping regular office hours.”

Parcels need to be pre-paid through Royal Mail’s Click & Drop online labelling system.

Customers will also be able to post some return parcels, providing they have a Royal Mail barcode.

Boxes are sited at North Beck Mills and Royd Ings Avenue in Keighley, and at the Castlefields Trading Estate, Crossflatts.