PHOTOGRAPHY, paintings and textile work depicting water are among the images being shown on Bradford's big screen from this month.

The latest exhibition is part of the ongoing Not Just Hockney project which showcases the work of local artists.

Six more artists are being featured on the City Park screen in a daily presentation throughout September and October.

Silsden arts enthusiast Colin Neville is behind the exhibition, having set up a website to highlight the work of local artists.

He said: "The artist, Leonardo da Vinci, once said that water is the main driving force in nature; it’s certainly not a neutral element.

"Here in Yorkshire we are very conscious of its power and are never far from it inland, or at our marvellous coastline. Just to the left of the Big Screen, at the Mirror Pool in City Park, is a local example of how water draws people to it.

"So it’s no wonder then that local artists have been fascinated over the years with the movement, colours and reflections of water. The six local artists shown on the Big Screen show how close observation of water in all its forms can be turned into beautiful art forms.

"They have all taken the time to really look and respond to the scene in front of them, and in their own ways have caught the moment in a range of realistic, impressionistic or abstract art styles. There are views of the sea in all its moods, both realistic and expressionist responses to inland water, as well as close-up images of the impact of water on other elements.

The interesting thing too, is in the creative variety of art media used by the six artists. There is photography, painting, as well as those who have used textiles combined with painting to gain the desired effect."

The six artists for September and October are:

Pat Belson is a Bradford-based artist who uses a range of art media, including photography. Pat’s work, shown on the Big Screen, combines oil painting and textile felted work to illustrate her love of the sea.

Her artwork has been exhibited across Britain, with solo shows at the South Square Gallery, Thornton; Priestley Theatre Gallery, Bradford; and Easthorpe Visual Arts Gallery, at Mirfield.

Ian Burdall lives in Saltaire. He has, over a long period, photographed and painted seascape scenes along the North Yorkshire coast, including industrial sites.

Ian’s work has been shown at Artworks in Otley; the Holmfirth Art Week; and regularly features at the Saltaire Arts Trail; Art in the Pen, Skipton; and at the Staithes Arts and Heritage Festival.

Pippa Hamilton is a textile and mixed media artist and former teacher based in Baildon. Pippa’s impressionistic work often combines painting, drawing and embroidery and she draws inspiration from both land and seascapes.

Her work has been exhibited across Yorkshire, including at the Saltaire Arts Trail, Staithes Arts and Heritage Festival, and exhibitions by Ilkley Arts.

Julia Keates is an Addingham-based freelance artist and former teacher, who works in oil, acrylic and mixed media in a variety of styles and scales.

Her artwork is often inspired by the shapes, textures and light effects of landscape, including natural water features. Her work has been exhibited regionally at the Holmfirth Art Week, Ilkley Art Show, and Ilkley Art Trail.

Catherine Slater is a local art teacher and textile artist working mainly with her own handmade felt. Her work, which includes clothing and jewellery, combines traditional craft with contemporary design, often inspired by landscape and seascapes.

Her work has been widely exhibited in Britain and overseas, including at The Piece Hall, Halifax; Northern Lights Gallery, Huddersfield; and Industrial Museum, Bradford.

Rob Walsh is a photographer, proof-reader and local broadcaster with BCB radio. He lives near Keighley.

His photography subject range is wide, but with an emphasis toward textures, patterns, and landscapes, including the observation of water in nature. His water photographs have been exhibited at the Bradford Trapezium Gallery, and also at the Bradford Open in 2019.

The Not Just Hockney exhibition runs every day at 12.30pm on the big screen in City Park which is run by Bradford UNESCO City of Film.

David Wilson, director of Bradford UNESCO City of Film, said: “Once again the creativity of people across our region never fails to impress and often amaze me.

"I echo Leonardo's sentiments on water been the driving force of nature and the inspiration for so many wonderful works of art.

"I look forward to seeing these latest creations on display in the heart of Bradford on the Bradford Big Screen."