QUENTIN Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood (18) visits 1969 Los Angeles, where everything is changing.

The ninth film from the writer-director features a large ensemble cast and multiple storylines in a tribute to the final moments of Hollywood’s golden age.

TV star Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his long-time stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) make their way around an industry they hardly recognize anymore.

I wonder if Leonardo DiCaprio’s going for a second Oscar after his first Academy Award with his performance in The Revenant back in 2016: Once Upon A Time looks like a lot of fun and full of old Hollywood nostalgia.

The film was released in cinemas this week.

Having spent most of her life exploring the jungle, nothing could prepare Dora for her most dangerous adventure yet, high school.

Accompanied by a ragtag group of teens and Boots the monkey, Dora embarks on a quest to save her parents while trying to solve the seemingly impossible mystery behind a lost Incan civilization.

Dora and the Lost City of Gold (PG) hits the big screens from August 16, with a huge fan following from the popular kids TV show Dora the Explorer.

I have a feeling this one’s going to be really popular. The kids already seem to be getting excited!

With some great giant monster films released recently such as The Meg, Rampage and Godzilla, I know some of you will be looking forward to Crawl (15) which is released on August 23.

When a massive hurricane hits her Florida town, young Haley ignores the evacuation orders to search for her missing father, Dave.

After finding him gravely injured in their family home, the two of them become trapped by the rapidly encroaching floodwaters.

With the storm strengthening, Haley and Dave discover an even greater threat than the rising water level, a relentless attack from a pack of gigantic alligators.

You will have to be snappy not to miss this one!

I know a lot of you have been noticing the poster we have up with the really creepy looking scarecrow.

Well, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (15) will be creeping its way in to cinemas on August 23.

The shadow of the Bellows family has loomed large in the small town of Mill Valley for generations.

It’s in a mansion that young Sarah Bellows turns her tortured life and horrible secrets into a series of scary stories.

These terrifying tales soon have a way of becoming all too real for a group of unsuspecting teens who stumble upon Sarah’s spooky home.