SO, after the EU election, this prolonged act of national suicide continues.

Nigel Farage – would you trust him as your doctor? Or as your financial advisor? Would you trust him as your daughter’s husband? Would you trust your life to him, roped on a rock-climb? Would you buy insurance or a second-hand car from him?

Yet 32 per cent of voters believe him on what is best for the future of the nation.

He uses the same method demagogues always have – giving a simple answer to a complex question.

So we are back where we started. The 2016 referendum was called by David Cameron to halt the flow of Tory voters leaving for UKIP. Now the Tory MPs will select a new leader not for the good of the country, but to halt the flow of their members to the Brexit Party.

Those who say they “serve their country” will prefer a leader who will help them retain their seat in Parliament. And then around 100,000 Tory Party members – mostly male, white, 57 years old and middle class – will make the final choice of our next Prime Minister.

But the results strengthen the case for a new public vote: Brexiteers will be confident of victory, Remainers will come out in force.

Voters, who were lied to in 2016, are now far better informed of the complications and consequences of leaving the EU. The new vote will therefore be more valid. But whatever the result the country will remain divided for a decade and more. Scotland may leave the UK.

Labour must choose a new leader, too. Corbyn will never be elected Prime Minister by a majority of the British population – he has proved his lack of leadership and sheer incompetence. Labour must come out for the Confirmatory Vote with no ambiguity.

JOHN ROBERTS Lower Scholes, Oakworth

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