ARE YOU all ready to go ‘To infinity... and beyond!’? On June 21 we see the hugely-anticipated return of some of our best-loved toys to the big screen after nine years.

Toy Story 4 (U) sees Woody, Buzz Lightyear and the rest of the gang embark on a road trip with Bonnie and a new toy named Forky. The adventurous journey turns into an unexpected reunion as Woody’s slight detour leads him to his long-lost friend Bo Peep.

As Woody and Bo discuss the old days, they soon start to realise that they’re worlds apart when it comes to what they want from life as a toy. A lot of you have shown interest in the posters and told me how much you’re looking forward to this. So no matter your age be sure not to miss this!

Child’s Play (15) which is also released on Friday, June 21 is a remake and reboot of the 1988 film of the same title, following a plot similar to the original film.Young Andy Barclay receives a special present from his mother, a seemingly-innocent Buddi doll that becomes his best friend.

When the doll suddenly takes on a life of its own, Andy unites with other neighbourhood children to stop the sinister toy from wreaking bloody havoc. This movie stars Aubrey Plaza, Gabriel Bateman, Brian Tyree Henry, and Mark Hamill as the voice of Chucky.

The next film I didn’t know much about myself until a few days ago when I watched the trailer, but Yesterday (12a) which is due for the big screens on June 28, looks like a really fun and uplifting film. Jack Malik is a struggling singer-songwriter in an English seaside town whose dreams of fame are rapidly fading, despite the fierce devotion and support of his childhood best friend, Ellie.

After a freak bus accident during a global blackout, Jack wakes up to discover that The Beatles have never existed. Performing songs by the greatest band in history to a world that has never heard them, Jack becomes on overnight sensation. Directed by Danny Boyle who is known for such films as Trainspotting,and Slumdog Millionaire, I’m really looking forward to seeing Danny direct something little more musical.

Set just moments after the ending of Avengers: Endgame, Spiderman: Far From Home (certificate to be confirmed) flies his way in to cinemas on July 2 for the next instalment from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I don’t want to say too much about this one in case any of you haven’t seen Avengers: End Game yet, but to be honest if you haven’t seen it yet then you should have done!

Peter Parker, who is mourning the death of his fellow Avengers, goes on a school trip to Europe with his classmates. While abroad, he is recruited by Nick Fury to team up with Quentin Beck, also known as Mysterio, a master of trickery and illusion, to battle the Elementals.