OAKWORTH'S 'royal' line-up has been revealed.

This year's Gala Queen is Hannah Morris, 13.

She will be attended by rosebuds Mya Hird and Esmae Yeadon and pageboy Noah Holdsworth, all six.

A host of attractions is planned for the gala, on Saturday, July 6.

The village society is organising the extravaganza, which will begin as usual with a procession.

Participants will assemble at Windsor Road at 1pm.

There will then be presentations to winning floats and entrants including fancy dress, decorated prams and bikes.

The procession will set off from Windsor Road at 2pm and make its way through the village to the school field.

A range of stalls and entertainment will be staged on the field.

Children's races will take place and there will be the annual Oakworth Haul, a four-mile run.