KEIGHLEY Big Local is supporting a new regular get-together for hard-pressed and lonely parents.

The regeneration group is urging mothers, fathers and other carers to go along to the social session.

The Cafe Choux Choux is hosting the ‘Parent Day Care’ every Monday lunchtime at its premises in the railway station.

There will be healthy lunches food ranging from healthy lunches to small bites, with different offers each week, and the chef will give tips for budget family meals and healthy homemade baby food recipes

And there will be support available so that people can access services and community grants.

Big Local coordinator Shaun O’Hare said the idea for the group came from Helen Willoughby at Cafe Choux Choux.

He said: “She recognises parenthood can sometimes leave parents feeling isolated and cut off from friends, work mates and family.

“It’s a simple idea – create an opportunity for people to get out of the house and connect with friends old and new.”

“Café Choux Choux and Keighley Big Local appreciate all the hard work that goes into raising children so we want to give parents a friendly, safe space to relax and unwind while finding friendship in other parents.

“We welcome parents, from first-time parents who are struggling to cope to parents with teenagers who, just need to escape!”

The aim is for people to gather together to celebrate parenthood, even the “moans and groans” that go with it.

The first Parent Day Care will be held every Monday from 1pm to 3pm.

Fiona Thompson, from Keighley Big Local, said: “Cafe Choux Choux is a big venue and can accommodate the meetings away from the bar area. We feel it is family-friendly.

“We will help expand the group’s activities if that's what people want, but it’s great just as a place for parents and carers to come and have a quick natter with their friends.”

Keighley Big Local operates in the ‘Keighley Valley’ area covering neighbourhoods along the side of the river Worth from Riddlesden to Ingrow.

Big Local, run by volunteer residents with support from Mr O’Hare, is spending more than £1 million of lottery money over 10 years on regeneration projects.

It operates in communities including Thwaites, Grange, Stockbridge, Dalton Lane, Parkwood, Hainworth Wood and Red Holt.

The Keighley group has won praise from innovative national Big Local organisers for their community-led projects, including a number of play activities.

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