SIGHTINGS of frogs and toads in local gardens are drying up.

The RSPB is now challenging people in Keighley, South Craven and the Worth Valley to take part in its Wild Challenge.

The RSPB’s survey of almost 5,000 West Yorkshire gardens revealed the decline in sightings of the amphibians.

The disappearance of garden ponds and pools has long been a factor in the declining numbers of the amphibians.

In response, the Wild Challenge is to get outside this summer and create a simple pond or DIY pool in their outdoor space.

The RSPB’s wildlife survey, part of the Big Garden Birdwatch, showed that frogs had been seen in almost three-quarters of gardens across West Yorkshire.

Despite being one of the most common non-bird garden visitors, seen at least monthly in over 30 per cent of gardens in the county, this was 20 per cent fewer regular sightings than the last time they were surveyed in 2014.

This pattern was similar for toads, seen in over 14 per cent of West Yorkshire outdoor spaces on a monthly basis, 31 per cent fewer than four years ago.

Visit for information on how to get involved.