A KEIGHLEY councillor has urged drivers to think carefully when driving through rural areas.

Cllr Luke Maunsell, who serves Oakworth ward on the town council, made the call after speaking to concerned residents in Oldfield.

He said: "No one, no matter where they live should be at risk from unthinking drivers.

"It worries me that there does seem to be a growing trend of recklessness in rural parts of my ward, with some individuals not thinking speed limits or common decency applies in these parts.

"Some residents have had their property damaged by drivers crashing into walls and driveways and it's not acceptable.

"Beyond that, litter has become an issue with some drivers tending to discard their waste as they drive on rather than taking it home.

"I'd urge people to think carefully when they are driving in rural areas and have regard for those who live there."

Cllr Maunsell said he fully supported efforts made by Worth ward councillor Rebecca Poulsen to get the speed limit reduced, adding he would like to see new "slow your speed" signs erected at the worst affected locations.

Cllr Poulsen confirmed she has been working for a few months with two residents who contacted her about speeding in the Oldfield and Pickles Hill areas.

"All the way through Pickles Hill and Oldfield Lane it's a 60-mph limit," she said.

"There's no pavement on most of the sections where there are properties. If cars are travelling at 60-mph there, even though they are not exceeding the speed limit, it would be a frightening experience if you're trying to walk with a pushchair and with children.

"We're seeing if the 30-mph limit can be extended out to where the Grouse pub is and down Oldfield Lane and past Oldfield Primary School.

"The Highways department is doing a feasibility study on this. If it's feasible they'll put it on the list that Keighley Area Committee considers each year for highways funding schemes."