A hard-working Polish builder who struggled to get work after arriving in Keighley was found hanging at a friend’s house on Christmas Day, an inquest heard.

Dad-of-one Piotr Pawlowski, had only been living in the UK for six months with his wife Anna and seven-year-old daughter when he committed suicide, Bradford Coroner’s Court heard yesterday.

The 38-year-old of Caledonia Road, Keighley, had found it difficult getting a job since arriving in the country, Bradford assistant coroner Tim Ratcliffe was told.

Mr Pawlowski’s widow Anna, who was not in court, said in a written statement her husband had recently moved out of their home to have a break from their relationship.

She also said he had been under pressure from his mother to return to Poland and “it was getting too much for him.”

A friend had managed to find him some roofing work and had given him a place to stay at his home in Grafton Road in the town after arguments he had been having with his wife – who Mr Pawlowski loved very much, he said.

He said Mr Pawlowski was generally a happy man and a hard worker who had been trying to sort out his problems and his death had come as a shock.

The friend had allowed Mr Pawlowski to stay in his house while he went to Scotland.

It was when he returned on Christmas Day last year and the house was in darkness that he found him on the stairs.

Mr Ratcliffe said police were satisfied there had been no suspicious circumstances and concluded Mr Pawlowski’s death was suicide.

At the time of his death, he had drunk the equivalent of about seven pints of beer, according to toxicology tests.