SIR - I'd like to thank Sir Philip Davies for his 19 years as my MP, and wish him well after his defeat. I also wish his replacement Labour MP Anna Dixon well in her new job as Shipley MP, .

Davies bravely carried on being a real Tory in this PC world. He was called controversial by some just because they disagreed with him.

He correctly questioned the Women Against Trump marches in Shipley is 2016, before Trump even became president. Labelling them the 'Feminist Zealots'.

But now I have to question the 'catastrophic early election' comment that many commentators have made. Sunak was accused of hiding from an election for months on end. We all knew it was any time up January 2025, and a May election was forecast by some.

He then said second half of the year, which it was. Then when the PM called it to be in July, 'What are you doing?' Fickle people.

Alan Bates, Coach Road, Baildon