SIR - Several letter writers have commented on the lack of public toilets at Forster Square and at the Interchange train stations for some reason.

Train passengers have the use of the toilet facilities on the actual trains they will be travelling on. Unfortunately sometimes they may be locked out of use owing to vandalism or something similar.

The toilets at the Interchange were never the railway's responsibility, being on the floor below, therefore it seems pointless to complain about the lack of facilities at the train station.

I seem to remember that there was uproar when the toilets at Leeds and Newcastle train stations were closed overnight as there were no night train services. The people doing the complaining were long distance overnight coach passengers or the drunks, layabout and dossers

who were not intending travelling on trains.

There are toilets available to the public, who are not travelling, at Leeds station if that helps?

Michael T Leahy, Baildon