SIR - Kindly add me to the growing list of disgruntled travellers using the buses serving various routes especially from the city centre.

Today, as several times before, I have waited at the designated bus stop opposite the Interchange for Service 633 to Tyersal and am fed up of watching the bus go past the stop due to it being stopped behind four or five other buses awaiting their respective departure times.

I waited 45 minutes today before I noticed the letters sal on the destination of the bus I required, this was only possible as I was looking in that direction when the X6 Leeds service pulled out of the queue.

I walked down the hill to where the 633 was stationary to finally get home with my shopping.

Perhaps this situation is unavoidable but I have to say the Metro staff in their fluorescent jackets could maybe assist the travelling public better than burying their heads in their mobile phones or joking at the chaos of a bus service from the city centre.

A decision needs to be taken about the Interchange. City of Culture is fast approaching and the current situation is far from a great advert for this fine city now is it.

Derek Essex, Fairbairn Fold, Bradford