Summer is finally here, so what better prize than a mixed case of award-winning Prosecco and sparkling rosé to enjoy with family and friends (or to keep for yourself).

Yet this isn’t just any old fizz. ThinK Wine is an award-winning brand of premium low-sugar, low-calorie, low-carb Prosecco and sparkling rosé that offers a healthier alternative, without compromising on taste. It has been wowing judges in blind taste tests.  

ThinK Wine has just 75 calories and 0g fat, with 0.58g of residual sugar per 125ml (this is legally classed as zero sugar by UK standards), while retaining a percentage volume of 11%. The product contains no artificial sweeteners or ingredients. 

With a fresh and revitalising finish, despite the health-conscious benefits, all of the wines in the ThinK Wine range are 100% vegan, organic and low in sulphites – so you’ll see less of a hangover too.

So, what’s the secret to this amazing wine? It’s all in the grapes.

ThinK Wine uses only the finest quality organic Glera and Pinot Grigio grapes from the heart of Treviso, Italy. This allows the natural flavour to shine and negates the need to mask poor quality grapes with sugar or artificial additives as many cheaper brands do.

In your mixed case of ThinK Wine you will receive three bottles of ThinK Prosecco, which is fresh, aromatic and elegant with light notes of green apple and citrus. You will also receive three bottles of ThinK PinK, a delightful sparkling rosé with hints of strawberry, gooseberries and pink grapefruit.

Entries close on Sunday, July 21, and you can enter here.

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