SIR - The General Election is in less than a month, so we're seeing prospective political candidates and their supporters on our high street and knocking on our doors. This gives us chance to speak to individuals from all political parties about what they will do to support babies, children and young people in our communities.

We want to encourage political candidates to be a voice for children if they’re elected as our MP.

Working at the NSPCC, I know the impact abuse and neglect can have on a child, but I also know how quality support can help to keep children safe and help those who have experienced abuse to recover.

Children need to be protected at home, in school, online and in our local community. That’s why I’m asking everyone to urge political parties to prioritise preventing abuse and neglect, so that every child can grow up safe and healthy.

Please join with the NSPCC to ensure our new Members of Parliament speak up for children.

To find out more about the NSPCC’s calls for a new UK Government, go to

Debra Radford, NSPCC Assistant Director for North East, Yorkshire and the Humber