SIR - Since the Conservatives repeatedly promise cuts in taxation, the question obviously arises as to how they will reduce services in order to balance the books.

I'm sorry to say that we pensioners will lose out the most. We are the main users of the NHS and social care. For example, the majority of us receive medication to reduce blood pressure and to avoid heart attacks. Also many of us require hearing aids, and as our hearing deteriorates with age our hearing aids may need to be strengthened.

Then later in our lives we will perhaps require social care; my wife and I, who are in our mid-80s, receive residential care, which is costing us over £60,000 per annum. We do get a high standard of care from a dedicated staff, but further cuts to local government by the Tories are going to lead to desperate situations.

This is the plan Mr Sunak says is so successful. What he is doing is making himself richer with cuts in taxes, whilst services for the public are in ruins.

Robert Holland, Herncliffe, Spring Gardens Lane, Utley